Which activities you must choose for your Bachelor Party

Stag do Activities: Which ones to choose? The question always arises when organizing a bachelor party, or even a stay between friends.
There is no answer all established. Everything will depend on the atmosphere of the group. Some will stay in classic boy bachelor parties with classic activities, others will want to do something unique or incredible with the risk of not appealing to the whole group, or worse, to the groom. CЯAZY-KIEV has put together a guide that we hope will help you decide for your future Stag do.

The Classics

It all starts with classic Stag Do activities. Indeed, for Stag Party, certain activities are certainly common but also safe values. To name just some of them, Karting, Paintball, Limousine and Boxed Night are not only classics but almost indispensable for a successful stay. Sometimes you should not be afraid to abuse safe values. 30min of track in Karting or a part of paintball have never moved to anyone, on the contrary. In the evening, a small limousine ride is also never refused since in France, the price is far from the same. Finally, a night in a box abroad is always something more exciting than in France. On the one hand, we are almost sure to return, on the other hand, our hunting instinct pushes us to test our ability to drag with locals. Especially when they are Ukrainian … They did not make their reputation by chance. It’s google that says it. Finally, we can not talk about Stag Do without addressing the sexy touch. The strip club may be a basic, it makes sense in Kiev. After wandering around the city during the day, you only want to see all these models in the simplest device at night. No shame in choosing a little classic bachelor party activities!

The Extremes

When you’re abroad, you also want to try new things. Especially at a bachelor party, Bachelor Party activities are essential for the success of the event. Abroad everything is different. We feel stronger, more courageous and above all it is much more affordable. At only 8 places from India and 11 place from Vietnam, Ukraine is clearly the cheapest country in Europe. you can do almost anything you want. No need to fly 10 hours. Let’s start with the parachute jump, the indoor free fall, and the first flight. These 3 activities are usually reserved for birthday gifts and other starting jars. In Ukraine everyone can enjoy it for a lower cost. The same goes for all extreme driving sports, such as circuit riding or jeep driving in any terrain. In Kiev, we even suggest driving a construction machine. These are all more or less original ideas for thrill seekers. For those who prefer water sports, the Flyboard has been on the rise for a few years. And for a few euros, your group can enjoy it. Ok, it will not be on the Mediterranean, but the water of the Dnieper is just as interesting when you know it comes straight from Chernobyl ;-).

The Exclusives

There are some things that you simply can not do in France, for the rest, there Master … CЯAZY-KIEV !! The trap is cool, but what about the AK47? You can also try out various no less famous and equally effective firearms. If it really is not enough to impress friends, it remains the chariot ride or driving the famous T-54. For more conventional but equally exclusive, the Buggy-Paintball promises unforgettable moments. In team of 2 by Buggy. A driver and a shooter. It’s almost like Mario Kart. In addition, you have the opportunity to organize for your friend an exceptional day by participating in the training Commando conducted by a team of former Spetsnaz. The Russian copy of our French GIGN will teach the basics to become an elite commando. It will not be easy since more than 150 cartridges will be shot in almost real training conditions. Finally, in the truly unique category, you can choose to spend a few hours in our Mega Hummer Limo. It’s 12 meters of pure kiff with a balcony and room for 20 people. You can of course ask a beautiful stripper to participate in the evening. This will undoubtedly be an unforgettable and absolutely exclusive stag party.

The Sexies

It’s no secret, the most beautiful women are in Eastern Europe. Why deprive yourself of this wealth during a stay with friends in Ukraine? This is an opportunity to do things that are commonplace here while in France, it is rather in an elitist setting. CЯAZY-KIEV understands this and offers a range of naughty Bachelor Party activities. Between the stripper who arrives at home to give you a drink, the one that wakes you up or the one that comes just to make you kiffer, you’ve got the embargo of choice. If you prefer to enjoy elsewhere, Limousines, Boats or Strip-Club are at your disposal. We have selected the best strip clubs in the city. Those where you do not get mugged every 5 minutes for a “private dance” or leave a tip in the string of the other who just spent 17 seconds on you. We take you to a real Gentlemen Club.

The Parties

When you’re not at home, the party takes on a whole new flavor. It’s an opportunity to do something different and unique. A simple box turns into an evening of the year. A nice bar where the prices make us believe in an Open-Bar is transformed into drinking as at home. In addition, you will have the feeling that all girls are for you. Why? Because the French culture is very popular in Ukraine and that women are actively seeking to meet beautiful foreigners. On the other hand, one must know how to remain gentleman and courteous. To party in Kiev, there are several possibilities for you. The bars for preheating, the boxes because you feel like kings, but on weekends, the party is also present in the street. For the most demanding, we recommend the boat, the rooftop or the beach club. You will see that the legendary coldness of the people of the East is only a legend. You can liven up the evening with our different partybuses to go from one place to another. Success guaranteed.

You will understand, a bachelor party boy is the opportunity to do unique, extreme and incredible things. The only disadvantage of the Bachelor Party is that you have to wait for a friend to get married. In the meantime, you always have the opportunity to organize a weekend with friends just to decompress and change air. 3 hours from Paris, Kiev is the ideal destination.