Few ideas for a successful Bachelor Party

The bachelor party is a fundamental step before the boyfriend’s wedding. We all want to celebrate this event with dignity and keep the best memories possible. We all have in mind the trilogy “VERY BAD TRIP” The role of the witness is undoubtedly one of the most important since it will be the conductor of this unforgettable moment. To make it easier for him, CЯAZY-KIEV offers you some ideas for Bachelor Party and some ideas for reflection.

The budget

The budget is a key issue when organizing a bachelor party boy. All of the groom’s best comrades must be able to come, but we must also be able to make this Bachelor Party a special and unique moment. For the distribution of expenses, it is customary that the bridegroom is not involved. You will find on the internet a multitude of applications allowing you to manage the distribution:

As such, each participant must plan to pay part of the stay of Mr.. It is therefore important to take this parameter into consideration when establishing the budget.


Once the budget is determined, you will certainly look at the destination. First and foremost, no matter where you go, the most important thing is getting the right people together. Your stay will be successful. Whether you are organizing your bachelor party in your city, somewhere in France, a few hours away by plane or at the other end of the world, the main thing is to gather all the best friends of the groom. By crossing the information with the budget, you will surely realize that an extended weekend in France will probably be as expensive, if not more than abroad. Therefore, it is important not to dismiss this track. Certainly, the cost of the trip will be higher, but you will catch up largely on the price of housing, activities and of course your consumption. Here is a quick cost comparison for an extended weekend for a group of hesitant Parisians between Montpellier and Kiev:

  • Paris Kiev : 180€
  • Accomodation with Airbnb : 20€
  • Karting : 32€
  • Paintball : 20€
  • Flyboard : 54€
  • 10 Beers in a bar : 20€
  • Bottle in club (per person) : 30€
  • Restaurant : 34€
  • Total = 390€ so 111€ less


  • Paris Montpellier : 110€
  • Accomodation in Airbnb : 54€
  • Karting : 62€
  • Paintball : 31€
  • Flyboard : 80€
  • 10 Beers in a bar : 50€
  • Bottle in club (per person) : 69€
  • Restaurant : 45€
  • Total = 501€

Paradoxically, a bachelor party can be cheaper abroad than in France despite the ticket. It must be said that on the spot, prices are incommensurable.


Activities are also an essential element. In addition to group cohesion, they are truly the ones who make you spend an exceptional moment. As such, you will find our different examples of Bachelor Party activities on this item. Everything will depend on the atmosphere of the group and the tastes of the bridegroom. We will not send the poor guy in a furious striptease if you know he is not comfortable with this discipline. It can nevertheless be a good guarantee. Keep in mind that the schedule will be tight, that the awakenings will be late and sometimes painful. Do not be too demanding or even pretentious with the number of activities. You will need moments of rest to ensure the time comes, whether on a kart track or in the evening. Focus primarily on activities where everyone will be comfortable and who will blow flies.

Sexy Touch

It’s hard to imagine a bachelor party without a sexy touch. Even if it is not an obligation, a good striptease has never killed anyone and allows on the contrary to delve with friends. It’s not every day that you can enjoy it and the Bachelor Party is particularly suitable for this activity. The goal is clearly not to give any regrets to the future groom but rather to spend a friendly moment and keep good memories.

You will understand, there is no good or bad idea for a Bachelor Party. Above all, a good group is needed, regardless of the destination or activities chosen. The most important thing is that everyone has fun and especially your friend who gets married.