CЯAZY-KIEV arrives in town

After long hours of work, both on the site and to find the best activities and recruit the most beautiful guides, we are pleased to announce the launch of CЯAZY-KIEV! We worked tirelessly to share with you the best of Kiev, both during the day and during the night, at the cultural level but also its dark side which made us have incredible moments on a daily basis as with our friends in France . With this site, we hope to give you all the cards to spend an incredible stay and make the most of the Ukrainian capital.

The Daytime

During the day, Kiev can do many activities, from the simplest to the craziest. Walking in its huge streets with Soviet architecture or go boating on Dnieper, paintball or go-karting, you’re spoiled for choice. Some prefer to bask in one of the many beach clubs or relax in the hammam, no problem, everything is on site!
Do not hesitate to consult us or to see our various activities.


The Evening and the night


In the evening the city takes a different turn. With its many restaurants and bars spread everywhere, time is at the party and meetings. Unlike Paris, in Kiev the custom is at the bar tour. Given the price of glasses, it would be a shame to deprive oneself of it. It is also another way to visit the city and its neighborhoods. From Podol to Lva Tolstova Square, you will come across a huge choice of bars and restaurants with completely different worlds and ultra-cozy atmospheres. Later in the night, the strip club is a mandatory passage before going in a box. But beware of small scams (do not take too much cash on you) and do not hang out late in the street without a taxi.
For an evening with little onions, take a look at our night activities.


The best apartments

Housing in Kiev can quickly become tedious. Between the choice of neighborhood and the very variable quality of the apartments, finding an apartment in Kiev for a few days is not easy. Kiev is far from the French standard for accommodation. You will be able to notice it by consulting the various advertisements (on airbnb for example) where you will find apartments with the decoration very “Soviet” and in which one can doubt cleanliness and comfort. As such, and for having lived, over the coming of our friends, we have selected the best apartments in the best neighborhoods. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to consult us to have a precise idea of the places, streets and neighborhood where to look for an apartment.

Urban mobility according to CЯAZY-KIEV

Kiev is not Las Vegas and yet we managed to find vehicles just as crazy. Pro of car modifications, our Limousine partner offers Limousines of the most classic (Lincoln) Hummer with balcony, Ferrari and even Mercedes GL. Judge for yourself in our transport section. On arrival, you can also count on us for a transfer from and to the airport. If you need a taxi stand on the arrivals floor at Borispol Airport. Do not venture to follow a man offering a taxi, the best is still to order an Uber.

You are ready to discover and enjoy Kiev. Do not hesitate to visit us and especially, do not forget your passport!

See you soon