Champion’s League final in Kiev

This year, the final of the league of champions is going on in Kiev. All Ukrainians are eager to organize this event. Crazy-kiev gives you all the tips to spend a huge weekend and enjoy the city in addition to the game.

Where to stay

The NSC Olimpinski stadium is in the city center. 2 steps from Olimpiiska metro stations, Palats Sportu and Plocha Lva Tolstova, you can easily stay on line 2 (blue) or 3 (green). Nevertheless, we advise you to stay in the city center and prefer housing located in the triangle Zoloti Volota in the North West, Krechatik in the North East and Palatas sportu in the South. It is the very center of Kiev and all the best bars and restaurants in the city are located in this area.

Where to have lunch or brunch

Kiev city center is full of restaurants of all styles. As in Paris and France in general, the quality is very variable and it is better to know where you put your feet. As such we recommend a visit to the Milk Bar or the Dogs and Tails which offer for one a rather healthy but greedy cuisine and the other a selection of hots dogs absolutely incredible. At the Milk Bar you can not leave without having tasted Banana Pudding. Both restaurants are on Shota Rustaveli Street.

A little further down the street Velika Vasilvska do not hesitate to visit the Mama Manana, a traditional Georgian restaurant or The Life of Wonderful People that offers breathtaking European and Mediterranean cuisine.

Opposite Taras Shevchenko Park, on Vulytsya Tereshchenkivs’ka Street, Bottega Wine & Tapas has recently opened its doors and offers tapas worthy of the best Spanish restaurants. Your choice may be on the O Panas, a traditional Ukrainian restaurant located in the park where you can enjoy all the culinary variety of Ukraine in a folk atmosphere.

Finally, on Antonovicha Street, is the Altruist, a Mediterranean restaurant (Lebanese and Israeli cuisine) in which the dishes are almost exclusively vegetarian. The meat is not lacking at all once you have tasted their delicious falafel.

For dinner, do not hesitate to consult our page about the best restaurants of Kiev or to consult our 4 menus in the part night activities

Where to go shopping

Traditionally Ukrainians prefer shopping centers for shopping and they are not lacking, even in the city center. Palats Sportu metro station, you can stroll in Gulliver, one of the best Kiev Mall and discover all its shops. You will not be disoriented because many French and international brands have settled there. Sandro, Zadig and Voltaire, Lacoste, Massimo Duti or Tommy Hilfiger, you’ll be spoiled for choice. A little further at the Lybidska station, one of the most beautiful shopping centers of Kiev opened recently. This is Ocean Plaza. With this Mall, Ukrainians have absolutely nothing to envy to France.

Finally, more ex-centered, you will have Lavina and Skymall which are accessible by taxi and Dream Town to Minska station. These 3 gigantic Mall have everything to please. You will even find a real amusement park inside Lavina with its roller coaster.

Where to walk

If you followed our directions, you are in the city center and it is also there that we advise you to walk. In the first place, the street Krechatik is a must because it is the “Champs Elysées” local. On Sunday it is closed to cars and you can enjoy the entire street to the Independence Square (Maidan) to walk. Once past Maidan, you can find the Marienski Park, the Dynamo Kiev stadium and a little further the Marienski Palace. Take the opportunity to admire the splendid view of the Dnieper and its beach club. If you want to go for a walk, do not hesitate to check our beach club activity or if you want a little more culture to do our communist visit.

Finally, returning to Maidan and going back to the Monastery of St. Michael the Golden Mountains, you can walk on the Andrievski descent also called the Montmatre of Kiev and admire its architecture and colors.

Where to go after the match

A few steps from the stadium, you can head to Arena City. It is an outdoor complex where you will find restaurants and bars galore. It is one of the main places of nightlife in Kiev. Highly sought after by tourists due to its hyper central location, we nevertheless recommend paying attention to scams in some establishments or pickpockets.

If you want to go out peacefully do not hesitate to take a look at our night activities where you will be accompanied by one of our guides.

You now have all the cards for a great stay in Kiev in order to make the most of the city around the game. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more inspiration.