Communist Tour


A successful bachelor party will have great nightlife in club, some sexy girls and a lot of fun. But how could you justifiy to your lover that you go to Eastern Europe just for this? Crazy-kiev have organized the perfect Alibi : The Communist Tour. More than a cultural excuse, you will have a wonderful view on all the communist past of the city with its great typical architecture. You will really feel in a James Bond movie. The visit will be organized with a minivan so you can keep some energy for tonight. It will let you discover all the beauty of the city thanks to all its Ex USSR buildings and history. That activity will fit perfectly to those who can spend 3h on wikipedia, starting by “who is that very sexy actress” and can finish on the Amazonia Pyranha.

Key points

Min 1 Pers

Max 15 Pers

Around 4 to 5 hours




Per person on a 10 people group basis
* Ask your quotation according to your group size

What's included

Your lovely guide
3h to 4h visit in Kiev by car
All the sovietic part of Kiev

You can add

Everything is already included