We are Kiev

All you need to know about Kiev

How to go to Kiev

Kiev is only 3 hours flight from the main European capitals. Many airlines offer a direct flight to KBP (Kiev Borispol) or IEV (Kiev Juliani)
By choosing a flight with connexion, you will find much more competitive prices with a relatively short transfer (from 45min to 1h30) in airports like Vienna, Munich, Frankfurt or Warsaw. Flights with stops are a good way to surprise the future groom: “Sorry buddy, your Bachelor Party will not be in Vienna, but in Kiev!”
IMPORTANT: You need a passport to come to Kiev. Ukraine is not part of the Schengen Area.


Addresses and useful numbers in Kiev

Emergencies :

Police : 102
Emergency : 103
Firemen : 101

Cost of life


The official currency is the Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH)

Currency exchange and cash withdrawal :

We advise you to exchange your currencies in the numerousous exchange offices in the city instead of using those in the airport, where the exchange rate will be much worst. You can also use ATM in the city. According to your bank partnership, you will be able to find cash withdrawal without fees and commission. For french people who have an account in BNP PARIBAS, you can use the local UKRISIBANK without fees for example.

Taxi and transport

We advise to use Uber or Uklon when you need a transport. Taxis asked in the street will charge you 4 to 5 times more no matter if you are ukrainian or a foreigner. The price for a 30min race in the downtown will be from 60 to 120 UAH (2€ to 4€)

Taux de change actuel

Few examples of prices :

Lunch in a basic restaurant : 150 UAH = 5€
Pint of beer in a pub : 30 UAH = 1€
Bus ticket : 8 UAH = 0,26€
Metro ticket : 5 UAH = 0,16€
Cigarets : 35 UAH = 1,16€

Weather in Kiev

From December to February

This is the coldest time of the year. Temperatures range from 0 to -15 ° C. Kiev is suitable for this type of temperature but it is clearly not the ideal season to discover the city.

March and November

November and March are months apart. Although temperatures remain relatively low, it is good to walk around the city. In the evening it will be necessary to envisage warm clothes.

From April to October

This is the best time for a stay in Kiev. Spring and autumn are almost non-existent and in the space of a few days, we go from 0-5 ° C to 15-20 ° C at the end of March. The clothes are getting shorter, they are cracking open and Kiev is literally changing.